Friday, January 7, 2011


             My name is Mohamad Fikri bin Ilias, I am 20 years old. I’m from Kelantan. I have a big family, in my family I have 5 siblings including me. My father name is Ilias bin Mohamed, he is 56 years old, he worked as a government servant at Ministry of Healthy. He has worked for about 25 years, he is very discrete and disciplined. He always scolds us when we make some mistake. My mother name is Che Bharu binti Che Harun. She was 57 years old, she was a businesswomen. She was a lovely and also a caring mother. She always helped and gave me advice when I  was down. She’s so caring about her child. My first sister's name is Noor Azlina binti Ilias, she was 26 years old. She was a graduator from UiTM in customer service, now she works at TM Holdings. My second sister's name is Noor Fadhillah binti Ilias, she was 24 years old. She works at Maybank, she is so caring about me. She always gives good care tome. I also have a little sister. She just finished her schooling, now she 's waiting for her SPM result. About my life, I like to travel and eat, it’s the same as my other siblings. I love to eat same as them. I have a lot of friends. I like to make friends. I like to eat Japanese cuisine. I like it’s shushi, because it’s so delicious. 

           First of all, my name is Mohamad Hafiz Bin Mohd Zanani. I come from Kota Bharu, Kelantan. My favourite subject is Sastera, it is because I can enjoy myself and it an interesting subject. Sastera needs a lot of reading books and when you write an article or story, we must think creatively and need a lot of imagination. 
           Furthermore, I have three siblings and I'm the youngest one. The oldest and the are my sisters. The two of them, are so beautiful and charming. They are still studying. They oldest name is Niza Aida and the second is Niza Anira. They are study at KUIS and UPSI.
           My ambition is to become a lecturer, after that i will further my study to the another level. During my free time, I will play football with my friends or I just hang out outside. My favourite colour is blue. I find it easy to make friends with anybody. 


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